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Edited by Brian Stableford The 19th Century

Brian Stableford has created an anthology which is essential reading for anyone with an interest in fantasy and the British Literature of the 19th Century. Beginning in 1804 with Nathan Drake's HENRY FITZOWEN, this book traces the development of the genre through the stories and poems of Colerdge, Keats, Dickens, Disraeli, William Morris, Christina Rossetti, Tennyson and Vernon Lee until the end of the century and Richard Garnett's ALEXANDER THE RATCATCHER.

Each text has been chosen to illustrate the development of the various aspects of fantasy in British Literature - the comic, the sentimental, the erotic, and the allegorical - and the contribution that these authors made to the emergence of the new genre.

Dedalus Books $14.99 416 pgs.

Edited by Jack Sargeant

A collection of illustrated essays on and by some of the most highly acclaimed figures in the global underground today, SUTURE documents radical artists, film-makers and writers working at the fringe of contemporary culture. Included are: Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman, Romain Slocombe, Suehiro Maruo, John Hilcoat, James Havoc, Trevor Brown, Dame Darcy and Mark Hejnar etc... Extreme and amazing book.

Creation Books $19.95 192 pgs. Illustrated

By Robert Irwin

"It is a gruesome black comedy, whose blackness is so intense as to be almost unreadable - if it weren't so well written." - Time Out

"In a plot that snakes and twists, the reader cannot risk letting his power of concentration drop for a moment - at times the death defying narrow escapes are firmly in the tradition of James Bond..." - Times Literary Supplement

"What separates Irwin's story from the usual spy thrillers is not only his wit and satire but also his verbal pyrotechnics." - The Washington Post

In 1959 in Algiers, city of intrigue, the French settlers are making a last stand against the enemy. For Phillippe, survival means knowing the mind of the enemy. But who is the enemy?

Dedalus Books $10.00 203 pgs.

A Creation Anthology

Tales of Darkest Biological Extremes and the Psycho-Sexual Imagination

Sixteen pieces of original fiction dealing with the extremes of the psycho-sexual imagination. Tales of the erotic, tales of visceral horror, all based on the premise of darkest biological fantasy, madness and mutation. Authors include: Paul Buck, Ramsey Campbell, Steve Clark, David Conway, James Havoc, Adele Olivia Gladwell, Terence Sellers, Clint Hutzulak, D. F. Lewis, Michael Philbin, Jeremy Reed, Stephen Sennitt, John Smith, Paul Marks, Tony Reed and Aaron Williamson.

Creation Books $10.00 137 pgs.



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