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M   A   Y   H   E   M


Edited by Jack Sargeant

1960's & 1970's Revolutionaries, Urban Guerrillas and Terrorists

International terrorism first came to the forefront of modern life in the 1960's and 1970's, with the first high-profile plane hijackings, car bombings and political assassinations of the 20th Century. During this "golden age" of global terror, many terrorist organizations sprang up throughout the world, each with its own local agenda but all dedicated to an ultimate goal: world revolution.

The groups spreading this mayhem included the Baader-Meinhof gang and the SPK, both from Germany; Carlos the Jackal working for the PLO; Brigate Rosse from Italy; Red Army in Japan; Angry Brigade in England; Shining Path in South America; and the SLA, the Weathermen and the Black Panthers in North America.

GUNS, DEATH, TERROR covers all these groups, including photos and original terror manifestos, making it an essential study of the roots of modern terrorism ­ the most urgent issue of the 21st Century.


Creation Books           $17.95           251 pgs.           ppbk.           B&W Illustrated

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FLESH INFERNO: The Atrocities of Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition
By Simon Whitechapel

The Spanish Inquisition was established in 1478 to root out and destroy heretics against Catholicism, and Thomas de Torquemada was its first Grand Inqusitor. Torquemada was a zealot whose methods of torture were ingenious and inhumane in equal measure; during his reign of terror the dungeons of Castile were drenched in blood and it's streets sooted with human ashes. His most extravagant creation was the 'auto-de-fe,' a public slaughter rally where hundreds of heretics would be burned alive in a screaming conflagration of human flesh. It has been estimated that some 9,000 perished in these mass immolations - and nearly 100,000 more in the dungeons - during Torquemadas reign alone. Many more would die as the Inquisition persisted until 1834, and its legacy remains as one of the cruelest chapters in the annals of persecution and torture.

FLESH INFERNO is a fascinating but shocking document of man's inhumanity to man, reminding us once again, that the most hideous and fanatical atrocities are almost always committed in the name of religion, purity and faith - and thus revealing the Catholic Inquisition's historical position as a prototype for genocidal movements such as Nazism.

Creation Books           $15.00           174 pgs.           ppbk.           No illustrations

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By Stephen Barber & Jeremy Reed

Atrocities of the Roman Emperors

CALIGULA: most notorious of all the Roman Emperors, who seduced his own sister, installed a horse in the Roman Senate, turned his palace into a brothel, married a prostitute, tortured and killed innocent citizens on a whim and committed countless other acts of madness, cruelty and deviancy.

Here fully documented, the atrocities of Caligula and other mad Emperors such as Commodus and Heliogabalus, who was a teen-aged ambisexual 'sun-god' whose decadent ways would inspire Antonin Artaud to eulogise him in prose centuries later. Also included is a bloody history of Gladiators and the Roman Arena.

This is a shocking catalogue of incest, transvestism, torture, slaughter and perversity - a murderous document of decadence.

Creation Books           $14.95           159 pgs.           ppbk.           no Illustrations

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By Stephen Barber

Far East Atrocities of the 20th Century

From 1975 to 1979, in total secrecy, the dictator Pol Pot instituted the world's greatest fulfillment of a state founded on sexual torture, mass butchery and genocide since the era of Roman Emperors. Under the guise of revolutionary communism, he and his private army, the Khmer Rouge, instigated 'OperationYear Zero'- the mass violation and decapitation of millions of Cambodian intellectuals, office workers and peasants, staged in great mile-wide killing fields.

Pol Pot's purist experiments fall within the rich and thriving tradition of Eastern atrocity. ANNIHILATION ZONES documents many other shocking examples including: Japanese activities in pre-war Manchuria, notably the Nanking massacre and Unit 731 medical experiment camp, Japanese wartime cruelty, cannibalism and mass disembowelments, and in contemporary Japan where the instinct for annihilation takes the form of schoolboy decapitations, mass suicides and random lethal-gas attacks. A graphic and revelatory document.

Creation Books           $19.95           192 pgs.           ppbk.           Illustrated

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BAD BLOOD: Illustrated Guide to Psycho Cinema
By Christian Fuchs

Inspired By 20th Century Serial Killers and Murderers

Mass-murderers, serial killers, spree killers, homicidal rapists, and others human predators; 20th century history is riddled with the atrocious, apparently motiveless acts of violence and mayhem perpetrated by these psychopathic outsiders. As the century progressed, cinema and television played an important role in the enormous influence of the mass-murder phenomenon on contemporary popular culture.

Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Carl Panzram; BAD BLOOD examines the bloody crimes of these and 40 other killers from Jack Henry Abbot to the Zodiac, detailing in every case the many films inspired by their repellent, darkly fascinating deeds and pathologies.

Illustrated throughout with both true crime photos and film stills, the book also includes a series of essays on different types of killers and their screen counterparts, from serial slayers to killer couples and deadly women. Also examining those allegedly inspired to murder by exposure to violent movies.

Featuring hundreds of films, from BADLANDS and SNUFF to NEW YORK RIPPER and VIOLATED ANGELS, this book is a trip into the darkest recesses of human existence and into one of the most disturbing zones in contemporary cinema.

Creation Books           $19.95           318 pgs.           ppbk.           Heavily illustrated b&w

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THE GATES OF JANUS: An Analysis of Serial Murder by England's Most Hated Criminal
By Ian Brady (the "Moors Murderer")

With an introduction By Colin Wilson

Known as the "Moors Murders," the case of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley's torture, sexual abuse and murder of a child and two teenagers in the early 1960s is thought to be the most appalling series of crimes ever committed in England. To understand human character, one must first explore the depraved reaches of human consciousness. So believes novelist and true-crime writer Colin Wilson, who introduces Brady's book. Brady first explores human impulse based on his readings, observations and life-story. He then analyzes a dozen other serial crimes and serial murderers.

Feral House      $24.95      420 pgs.      Hardcover      Not illustrated     

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By John Gilmore

The grisly 1947 murder of aspiring starlet and nightclub habitué Elizabeth Short, known even before her death as the “Black Dahlia,” has over the decades transmogrified from L.A.'s crime of the century to an almost mythical symbol of Hollywood Babylon/film noir glamour-cum-sordidness.

SEVERED, the first true-crime book published on the strangest of all “unsolved” murders in the annals of modern crime, offers the documented solution to the case as endorsed by law enforcement and forensic science experts. It is appropriate that hard-boiled, Hollywood-born author John Gilmore, whose father was an LAPD officer at the time of the murder, should be the one to unravel the multilayered mystery of this archetypal Los Angeles slaying, having begun his painstaking investigations into the case over thirty-five years ago.

Gilmore tells several previously unrevealed stories at once, each filled with its own bizarre elements through which SEVERED transcends the true crime genre. One is the tale of victim Elizabeth Short, small-town beauty queen with big hopes, who seemed to float through her tragically futile life as an alluring yet doom-laden enigma. Another is the tangled inside story of the police investigation and the remorseless, Hearststoked press hoopla that paralled it. Finally Gilmore reveals the twisted psychology and down-and-out life story of the actual murderer— as well as the startling circumstances and gruesome details of the killer's indirect confessions to him. SEVERED contains a thirty-two-page photo section with many never before-published photos from the life of Elizabeth Short and from the case, including graphic crime scene and postmortem police photos.

AMOK BOOKS ISBN 1-878923-10-2 (trade paper) · $16.95 · 230 pgs · Illustrated

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By Georges Bataille

Georges Bataille presents the case of the most infamous villain of the Middle Ages: Gilles de Rais. Fascinated with the depths of human experience — the meeting points of sexuality, violence, ritual, spirituality, and death — Bataille examines with dispassionate clarity the legendary crimes, trials and confessions of this grotesque and still horrifying 15th-century child-murderer, sadist, alchemist, necrophile and practitioner of the Black Arts.

“This book about the notorious 15th-century serial killer of young children, written by France’s famous connoisseur of transgression — the man the surrealist Andre Breton labeled an ‘excremental philosopher’ — represents a marriage not made in heaven, perhaps, but surely nowhere on this earth . . . the fact is that The Trial of Gilles de Rais gives us Bataille at his most accessible — he had been trained as a medievalist librarian, after all — and is probably, taken in its entirety, the best thing now available in English on one of the most bizarre figures in European history.” — New York Times Book Review

AMOK BOOKS ISBN 1-878923-02-1 (trade paper) · $14.95 · 285 pgs

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By John Gilmore and Ron Kenner

Random murder and savage overkill, mind control and bad trips, satanism and witchcraft, cursed glamour, Haight-Ashbury, rock'n'roll, biker gangs, sexual rebellion and dune buggies tearing across death valley in search of the "hole in the earth"..... The Garbage People, a gripping account of one of the most chilling and fascinating crime sagas of our time, now available in a revised and updated edition. Contains 32 pages of previously unpublished photos including graphic crime scene and post-mortem documentation.

“This terrible tale haunts the reader....a remarkable achievement in bringing together the chords of fear.” —Los Angeles News-Advocate

AMOK BOOKS ISBN 1-878923-07-2 (trade paper) · $14.95 · 178 pgs · Illustrated

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By Timothy Benford & James Johnson

One November day in 1971, he murdered his wife, mother, and three children, then disappeared from his home in Westfield, New Jersey. For 18 years, former Sunday school teacher John List lived an unassuming life as Robert Clark. In 1989, the story of his brutal crime was broadcast on the popular TV program America's Most Wanted, ironically one of the incognito killer's own favorite shows. Clark's Denver neighbors recognized the mild-mannered accountant as the profoundly disturbed killer who had murdered his family in the name of God-and nearly got away with the crime. List's unmasking-and long delayed trial that ensued-transfixed the entire nation. But until now, the definitive story of John List and his victims has never been told.

ISBN 0-684-19200-4 (Hardcover)          $20.00          310 pgs          Illustrated

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By David Yallop

David Yallop spent ten years on the trail of the mysterious Carlos the Jackal, a man accused of some of the most heinous acts in the annals of international terrorism: the attack on the on the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, the kidnapping of the OPEC oil ministers, the massacre at Lod airport in Tel Aviv, and scores of bombings, murders, and hijackings. Yallop's intrepid search led him into dangerous territory. He was in Beirut at a time when Westerners were being kidnapped and murdered in alarming numbers, and his guide was killed mysteriously. He continued his investigations moving through the mirky worlds of terrorists and counterterrorists, intelligence and counterintelligence, spies and double agents. He drank orange juice with Colonel Qadaffi in his tent, talked until dawn with Yasser Arafat in a basement in Tunisia and visited Carlos' old school chums in Venezuela. He found his man. Tracking the Jackal reads like a thriller, but it is a major work of investigative reporting that reveals a complex web of political corruption and betrayal.

ISBN 0-679-425594-4 $20.00 (Hardcover)          627 pgs          Illustrated

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MEAT IS MURDER -An Illustrated Guide to Cannibal Culture
by Mikkita Brottman

Violent death, murder, mutilation, eating and defecation, ritualism, bodily extremes: cannibalism combines these crucial themes to represent one of the most symbolically charged narratives in the human psychic repertoire. As a grotesque figure of power, threat, and atavistic appetites, the cannibal has played a formidable role in the tales told by members of all cultures - whether oral, written, or filmic - and embodies the ultimate extent of transgressive behaviour to which human beings can be driven. Meat is Murder! is a unique and explicit exploration of the stories that are told about cannibals, from classical myth to contemporary film and fiction, and features an in-depth illustrated critique of cannibalism as portrayed in the cinema, from mondo and explotation films to horror movies and arthouse classics. It also details the atrocious crimes of real life cannibals of the modern age, such as Albert Fish, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer and Andrei Chikatilo. Includes illustrated coverage of such "video nasties" as Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Holocaust.

ISBN 1-871592-90-9          $19.95          (trade-paper)          208 pgs          Illustrated

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EROS IN HELL - Sex, Blood and Madness in Japanese Cinema
by Jack Hunter $19.95

SEX: The history of "pink" movies, from Daydream to Ai No Corrida and beyond, including the pop avant-garde violence of Koji Wakamatsu: Violated Angels, The Embryo Hunts in Secret, Violent Virgin and others. Bondage and S/M from Moju and Captured For Sex to Kinbiken rope torture. The New Wave pink films of Hisayasu Sato: The Bedroom, Naked Blood, Private Torture of Uniforms: Thrust It In! and much more. BLOOD: From Shogun Assassin and Psycho Junkie to the killing orgies of Guinea Pig and Atrocity; from the "pink horror" nightmare Entrails of a Virgin to the post-punk yakuza bloodbaths of Kei Fujiwara's Organ and Takashi Miike's Fudoh. MADNESS: Homicidal psychosis, hallucination, mutation: Tetsuo, Death Powder, the films of Shozin Fukui: Pinocchio 964, Rubber's Love. Post-punk excess, nihilism, violence, suicide: Burst City, Labyrinth of Dreams, Squareworld, Tokyo Crash. Eros in Hell examines all these movies and many more besides, is profusely illustrated with rare and unusual photographs, and contains illuminating interviews with Japanese film-makers Koji Wakamatsu and Takao Nakano; comprising a unique guide to the most prolific, fascinating and controversial underground/ alternative cinema in the world.

ISBN 1-871592-93-3          $19.95          (trade-paper)          256 pgs          Illustrated

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A Trail Of Corn
By Keith Walker

How could a man be guilty of kidnapping and killing a 14 year-old schoolgirl while on a fishing trip miles away from where she disappeared? - The District Attorney claimed the suspect was a vicious sex killer who stalked the victim and kept her possessions as a fetish. Was his fishing alibi the 'trail of corn' he left to throw everyone off the scent? Later her remains were found in a grisly grave 339 feet up a steep hillside, where the suspect had a cabin. A very controversial case with twists and turns galore and only circumstantial evidence to implicate the suspect...

Golden Door Press          $24.95          753 pgs.          Illustrated          Hardcover

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By Valentine Penrose

Translated by Alexander Trocchi

The Crimes of Erzsebet Bathory

The Countess was responsible for some 650 murders. All of her many castles were equipped with torture chambers, where, with the assistance of her evil familiar Dorko, dwarf manservant Ficzko, and the sorceress Anna Darvulia, Erzsabet Bathory would hideously mutilate and butcher her victims. The cellars of her castles became murder factories where hundreds of girls were killed and processed for the ultimate, youth giving ritual: the bath of blood, for she believed that bathing in virgin's blood would preserve her youth and beauty. A female Gilles de Rais, indulging in sadistic, lesbian fantasies involving necro-sadism, witchcraft, torture, blood-drinking and bathing, cannibalism and wholesale slaughter.

Creation Books $13.95 157 pgs.

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By Burt Rapp

There's a few things worse than watching someone die at the hands of a murderer. One of them is seeing the murderer get off on some legal technicality - free to claim another victim.

Burt Rapp has done a great service for police officers, private investigators, civilians and representatives of the media. He has written a comprehensive manual on the techniques of homicide investigation.

Investigators will learn how to catch murderers and how to avoid mistakes that let them go free. Topics dealt with in this illustrated guide include:

Stages of death - what happens when someone is murdered. Estimating time of death - one important rule. Search warrants - when you need them and when you don't. Vital precautions when handling homicide suspects. Controversial tactics - psychics, polygraphs and hypnosis - pitfalls to avoid. The right way to sketch a murder scene. What really happens at an autopsy. Dealing with the media - how they can help and things you never tell them.

Police officers, elected officials, attorneys, reporters, crime writers, private investigators - do yourself a favor, get this book before they get away.

Loompanics Unlimited $16.95 179 pgs. Illustrated

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By Sonny Shepherd

On the Scene with Fire and Rescue

TRAUMA CODE takes a sobering look at the horrors Fire and Rescue workers face every day - Violent Death. Rescue workers experience first hand, the tragic impact violent death has on victims and their families. Oftentimes, it is human error that leads to our own untimely demise. With more than 130 black & white photographs, spanning from the 1950's through the present, this book explores sudden, violent death in many of its most tragic forms. Follow Firefighters and Rescue workers on the front lines of automobile crashes, aviation and train disasters, drownings, murders, suicides and fires.

The images may shock and horrify, but they may make people think about how fragile life is and learn from the mistakes of others. Unfortunately, it takes deaths such as these to bring about stricter safety standards, more stringent fire codes, tougher laws and better public awareness. WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!

Raven Entertainment, Inc. $24.95 130 pgs. Illustrated

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By the editors at Time-Life Books

Profiles of today's most terrifying criminals

Are they savage, calculating murderers or hopelessly disturbed psychotics? Decide for yourself when you explore their world in eighteen startling profiles. Their exploits shocked the entire world - now meet the men who were driven to kill; deadly clown John Wayne Gacy; lady-killer Ted Bundy; vicious "Son of Sam" David Berkowitz; Ed Gein, whose crimes inspired the film PSYCHO and many others who brutally murdered their victims one at a time. Probe their smoldering resentments and their sinister fantasies, and find out what drove these people to commit acts of unspeakable savagery.

Time-Life Books $10.00 192 pgs. Illustrated

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By the editors at Time-Life Books

Profiles of a rare and notorious breed of killer

Mass murderers are the killers who take down multiple victims in a single explosive burst. But what internal rage could push someone this far? For Some it's years of abuse or neglect. Others hear voices. For others it's the ultimate form of revenge against an ex-lover or former boss. Consumed with hate, these irrational killers strike out. Here you'll confront the most infamous mass murderers of our time; Richard Speck, the nurse killer; Charles Whitman's Texas Tower massacre; James Huberty's blind fury at a McDonalds; the racist rage of Mark Essex and many others. What goes on in the mind of a mass murderer? You're about to find out.

Time-Life Books $10.00 192 pgs. Illustrated

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By George Stimson (of A.T.W.A./Manson fame)

A Century of Cincinnati Crime

Here are thirteen of the most infamous murder cases in Cincinnati history. Take a walk on the dark side of the Queen City and meet the King of the Bootleggers and the Cincinnati Strangler. Or, be glad you didn't meet the Head and Hands Murderers, the Torch Slayer or Donald Harvey. These true stories span the last century of Cincinnati crime, from the Pearl Bryan case of 1896 to the Della Dante Sutorius case of 1996. Over 60 black & white photos.

The Peasenhall Press $16.95 247 pgs. Illustrated

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