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By Francis King

Out of print for decades, with copies selling for as much as $300 dollars by antiquarian book dealers, Francis King's fascinating book, SEXUALITY, MAGIC and PERVERSION has been brought back to bookstores by Feral House.

One of the first modern-day books to explore orgasm as part of a supernatural rite to achieve Divine Union, Mr. King investigates the use of sexuality by Western and Eastern religions and occult traditions, from fertility cults, tantricism, black masses, Islamic mysticism, templarism, forms of Crowleyan sex magic, and even the work of Wilhelm Reich.

Francis King is the author of many other books including: SATAN and SWASTIKA, RITUAL MAGIC in ENGLAND, THE MAGICAL WORLD of ALEISTER CROWLEY etc...

Feral House Books      $16.95      207 pgs.      ppbk.      Illustrated

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Edited by Nikolas Schreck

The Prince of Darkness may not be the most obvious literary muse, yet over the centuries he has inspired some of the world's greatest authors to create some of their most imaginative and challenging works ever.

This infernal collection draws together carefully selected Devil-related short stories, novel excerpts and poetry of centuries past to create an anthology of Luciferian literature which both illustrates and defines this powerful genre.

Includes texts from master writers including an illuminating introduction by editor and recognised leading occult-authority Nikolas Schreck who charts the Archfiend's progress through the literary landscape.

Authors include: Charles Baudelaire, Aleister Crowley, Dante, Hans Heinz Ewers, Goethe, J.K. Huysmans, Matthew G. Lewis, Charles Maturin, Christopher Marlowe, John Milton, Edgar Allen Poe, E.T.A. Hoffman, Mark Twain, William Beckford, Max Beerbohm, Michael Aquino etc...

Featuring illustrations by: Albrecht Durer, Francisco Goya, Felicien Rops, Jean Delville, Gustave Dore among others.

Creation Books          $19.95          pgs.          ppbk.          Illustrated

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By Michael Moynihan & Didrik Soderlind

Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground.

Just before the turn of the millennium, nearly 100 churches have been torched and desecrated by adherents of Black Metal, the most extreme form of underground music on the planet.

In an escalating unholy war, Black Metal bands and their obsessive fans have left a grim legacy of suicide, murder and terrorism spreading from Norway to Germany, Russia, America and beyond...

LORDS OF CHAOS features hundreds of rare photos and exclusive interrogations with priests, police officers, Satanists and leaders of demonic bands who believe the greater evil spawns the greatest glory.

"... paints a portrait of a fantastic realm where Satanism, neo-paganism and National Socialism energized a musical scene in which fantasy was actualized in the burning of churches in Norway..." - Jeffrey Kaplan

Feral House          $16.95          358 pgs.          ppbk.          Illustrated

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By Arthur Machen

Illustrated by Austin Osman Spare

Arthur Machen's first book, THE GREAT GOD PAN, published in 1894, is one of the greatest works ever of weird horror and decadence, in which Machen unfurls with his singular eye for the bizarre and macabre, the tale of a young girl cursed by her unnatural parentage to become a creature of shape-shifting, poly-sexual, demi-human evil.

This new edition includes cover art and a set of complimentary automatic line drawings by Machen's contemporary and fellow mystic AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE, as well as Machen's own illuminating introduction from the 1916 edition and a brand new foreword by Iain Smith of the Arthur Machen Society.

Creation Books          $12.95          125 pgs.          ppbk.          Illustrated

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By Ben E. Akerley

First published to national religious nausea in 1985, it explains many dirty stories found in the Holy Writ.

Feral House          $16.95          245 pgs.          ppbk.          Illustrated

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By Nikolas Schreck

An Illustrated Guide To The Devil In Cinema

Satan has figured prominently in film since the very birth of cinema. From George Melies' THE DEVIL'S MANOR and Benjamin Christiensen's WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES, to Polanski's ROSEMARY'S BABY etc, the Devil himself has appeared in hundreds of diverse movies.

THE SATANIC SCREEN documents all of Satan's cinematic incarnations, covering not only the horror genre, but also many examples of mainstream cinema, as well as a whole range of sub-genres including hardcore porn, mondo and underground film.

THE SATANIC SCREEN also investigates the interplay between Satanic cinema and leading occultists (for example Aleister Crowley), making it essential reading for anyone interested in the Black Arts and their continuing representation in populist culture. Satanic cinema from a Satanic viewpoint.

Creation Books          $19.95          246 pgs.          ppbk.          Illustrated

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By John Carter

The Occult World of Jack Parsons

Amazing book about Jack Parsons, rocket scientist and occultist and his dealings with the likes of Aleister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard and a host of sci-fi fiction writers of the time all taking place in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area. Jack Parsons dies mysteriously was he killed?

Feral House          $24.95          229 pgs.          Hardcover

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By Blanche Barton

The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey

Learn what secrets lurk within the man who shaved his head on Walpurgisnacht, 1966, and declared the formation of the Church of Satan. Once considered the most dangerous man on earth, this book was written by Blanche Barton (his companion) with the complete cooperation of her enigmatic subject. Includes rare photos and documents and LaVey's "banned essay" on lycanthropic transformation etc...

Feral House          $14.95          262 pgs.          ppbk.          Illustrated

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By Anton Szandor LaVey

The collected wisdom, humor and dark observations by the founder of the Church of Satan. The High Priest speculates on such topics as nonconformity, occult faddism, erotic politics, demoralization etc... LaVey zeros in on humanity's limitless capacity for self-deceit and self-denial. Included are instructions for places of magical evocation, where the enlightened may escape the effects of contemporary existence. This is truly a noir grimoire.

Feral House          $10.95          147 pgs.          ppbk.

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By Anton Szandor LaVey

Introduction by Zeena LaVey. This bestselling volume explores the forbidden knowledge of seduction and manipulation, for women to use and men to know. Throughout these pages Anton LaVey dares to say what many dread to know, coming to these conclusions after many years of studying the darker side of human behavior.

Feral House          $12.95          274 pgs.          ppbk.

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By Anton La Vey

The notorious founder of the Church of Satan died October 29, 1997 just days after completing his final contribution to this book.

Feral House          $13.00          179 pgs.

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By Anton Szandor LaVey

On the last night of April, 1966 - Walpurgisnacht, the most important festival of the believers in witchcraft - LaVey ritualistically shaved his head in accordance with magical tradition and announced the formation of the Church Of Satan.

In the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey has explained the philosophy of satanism more profoundly than any of his ancestors in the Kingdom of Darkness, while describing in detail the innovative rituals and trappings he has devised to create a church of realists.

Avon Books         $6.99          272 pgs.

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By Anton Szandor LaVey

The rites in this book call the names of devils - devils in all shapes, sizes and inclinations. The names are used in deliberate and appreciative awareness, for if one can pull aside the curtain of fear and enter the Kingdom of Shadows, the eyes will soon become accustomed and many strange and wonderful truths will be seen.

If one is TRULY good inside he can call the names of the Gods of the Abyss with freedom from guilt, and immunity from harm. The resultant feeling will be most gratifying. But there is no turning back. Here are the rites of Lucifer... for those who dare remove their mantles of self-righteousness.

Avon Books          $6.99          220 pgs.

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THE LAW IS FOR ALL: The Authorized Popular Commentary to the BOOK OF THE LAW
By Aleister Crowley & Edited by Louis Wilkinson & Hymenaeus Beta

Aleister Crowley is not the author of the short, prophetic text, THE BOOK OF THE LAW. He received this visionary work by direct-voice dictation from a peterhuman in Cairo, 1904.

Crowley was an intelligent sceptic, and at first found this improbable means of communication as difficult to accept as most intelligent readers will today. Yet he could not ignore it or its message, and eventually concluded that it stood as conclusive proof of the underlying assumption of all religion, that intelligence superior to mankind not only exists, but takes an active role in our welfare. He found that THE BOOK OF LAW holds keys to the next step in human evolution, and sets forth the spiritual principles of a New Aeon.

He worked for decades to interpret its meaning for initiates and the general public, but rejected commentary after commentary as inadequate. He eventually concluded he was too close to his subject, and entrusted the task to his best friend, Louis Wilkinson. The result of his work is this book and its first appearance as Crowley wished it.

New Falcon Publications         $16.95          302 pgs.

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By Charles G. Addison

The history of the mysterious Knights Templars as told in 1842 by a "Member of the Inner Temple." Includes chapters on the origin of the Templars, their popularity in Europe and their rivalry with the Knights of Malta. Detailed information on their activities in the Holy Land, the 1312 A. D. suppression of the Templars in France and other countries in Europe, culminating in the execution of Jacques de Molay. Also includes information on the continuation of the Knights Templars in England and Scotland and the rebuilding of the Temple in 1816. Plus the lost Templar Fleet and their connections to the Holy Grail, and The Spear of Destiny.

Adventures Unlimited         $16.95          395 pgs.

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By Malaclypse the Younger

If organized religion is the opium of the masses - then disorganized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe. Most disorganized of all religions, Dischordianism alone understands that organization is the work of the devil. Holy Chaos is the natural condition of reality.

IllumiNet Press          $9.95          chaotic random page count         Illustrated

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By Miriam Van Scott

This is a comprehensive survey of the underworld, drawing information from cultures around the globe and eras throughout history. Organized in a simple to use alphabetic format, entries cover representations of the dark realm of the dead in mythology, religion, works of art, opera, literature, theater, music, film and television. Sources include African, Native American, Asian and other more obscure references, as well as Western lore. Peruse these pages and find out for yourself what history's greatest imaginations have envisioned awaiting the wicked on the other side of the grave.

Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's Griffin         $16.95          308 pgs.         Illustrated

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Translated by Richard Laurence

This is a reprint of the BOOK OF ENOCH THE PROPHET, a "lost book" which was discovered in Ethiopia in 1773 by Scottish explorer James Bruce. Written in the First of second century B. C., the book was a very influential source for early Jewish and Christian thinkers. Several familiar themes, such as the introduction of evil into the world by "fallen angels," the Messianic age, the New Jerusalem, The Resurrection and the Final Judgement were all first written here. Translated from the original Ethiopian Coptic script, it is a rare and important resource that was suppressed by the early church and thought destroyed.

Adventures Unlimited         $16.95          188 pgs.

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By Michael Poynder

This book unlocks the secrets of the Stone and Bronze Age metaphysics that influenced the Gnostic practices of the early priesthood. These priests were vibrant seers and highly skilled astro-mathematicians, expressing the oneness between humans, nature and the living spirit of the Christ principle. However this pagan Christian magic was soon destroyed by the patriarchal dogma of a debased male priesthood. Our inner mythology and folk memory were taken from us in order to control us.

Green Magic         $15.95          191 pgs.          Illustrated

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