By James Lee

Long Lost Classic Drug Literature

Underworld of the East is the remarkable story of James Lee who, starting in 1895, spent 20 years pursuing all the pleasures and dangers the Far East had to offer. A twilight world of ports, red light districts, drug dens and secret chambers of vice, and our guide not some prurient flaneur protesting his shock and disbelief at every step but a mining foreman from Yorkshire who is largely preoccupied with smoking, swallowing and injecting as many drugs as possible.

Finally he tells us of his discovery of two mysterious drugs in the jungles of Sumatra which - if their existence and effects are to be believed - would offer not only spectacular new highs to the drug connoisseur but nothing less than a fortune to the pharmaceutical industry.

Green Magic          $16.95          170 pgs.


By Bruce Eisner

Expanded second edition

Ecstasy (MDMA) is the first of a new generation of mind-changing substances that is reported to transform personal relationships and boost self-esteem. Its effects have been described as opening people up to their intuition and feelings, leading to an expanded sense of self-awareness and empathy for others. After a decade of use by psycho-therapists, MDMA surged into public awareness and has been used by millions.

This book chronicles MDMA, including its legal status, psychological effects, methods of use, health risks, erotic implications, the "rave" scene and chemical structure etc...

Ronin Publishing          $17.95          190 pgs.          Illustrated


By Mel Frank

Revised Color Edition

The Marijuana Grower's Guide is the authoritative information source for all marijuana connoisseurs and cultivators. Whether your garden is in your closet, in your backyard or on acres of hillside, this book has information you need to make it better. Cannabis History, Botanical and Chemical Info, Seed Selection, Gardening Techniques, Supplies and Equipment, Soil Info, Special Indoors Considerations, Watering, Transplanting, Sex Determination, Sinsemilla Cultivation, Harvesting, Guerrilla Farming etc... 150 black & white photos plus 64 color photos.

Red Eye Press          $19.95          330 pgs.          Illustrated


By William Griffith

The Way of a Chinese Grower

Opium Poppy Garden describes the cultivation, harvest and pharmacology of opium in a format that combines literary and instructional writing. The heart of the book is the tale of Ch'ien, a young Chinese man who travels from Costa Rica to Colombia to grow an opium garden in the manner his Taoist grandfather taught him. The story, in conjunction with "The Cultivator's Diary" and the technical appendix, provide the reader with a working knowledge of this plant.

Ronin Publishing          $14.95          77 pgs.          Illustrated




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