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by Barbara Ulrich w/introduction by Jerry Stahl

Barbara Ulrich calls forward the best graphic examples of 'girlkultur' in Weimar Berlin where for a decade beautiful girls would take their favorite stimulants and appear in all-night revues and cabarets, the boudoir and the bordello. Extravagantly illustrated and hotter than "Dante's Inferno."

Feral House           $19.95           140 pgs.           ppbk.           b&w and color Illustrations

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by Marquis de Sade

Lust For Evil - The Circle of Manias, the Circle of Excrement, the Circle of Blood; three gateways to a living Hell envisioned by the Marquis de Sade as he simmered in the bowels of the Bastille. Beyond these gateways lies an infernal zone where Libertines are free to pursue and execute their every caprice, no matter how depraved or inhuman.

Here are the 447 "complex, criminal and murderous lusts" of the Libertines as documented by de Sade in his accursed atrocity bible THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM, a catalogue of debaucheries, cruelties and pathological perversions still unequaled in the annals of transgressive literature and remains absolutely shocking to this very day. ADULT MATERIAL

Velvet Books          $13.00          89 pgs.          ppbk.

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by Peter Sotos

A compendium of total abuse - Sotos has honed to a fine art the writing style and choice of subject matter that pisses most people off! Over the top extreme sex and violence. CAUTION: ADULT CONTENTS!!! Not for sensitive readers.

Creation Books          $19.95          220 pgs.          ppbk.

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by Peter Sotos

Another compendium of total abuse which in itself achieves a rare pornographic intensity. Extreme sex & violence. CAUTION: ADULT CONTENTS!!! Not for sensitive readers.

Creation Books          $12.95          150 pgs.          ppbk.

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by Peter Sotos

Yet another compendium of total abuse... more extreme sex & violence. CAUTION: ADULT CONTENTS!!! Not for sensitive readers.

Creation Books          $19.95          330 pgs.          ppbk.

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By Romain Slocombe

Sex clubs and hostess bars, love hotels and soap parlours, fetish parties and porno factories; all across Tokyo, a thriving sex industry is populated by beautiful, enigmatic young women.

Photographer Romain Slocombe, a frequent visitor to Japan in recent years, has documented every aspect of this scene. Bondage models, porn actresses, prostitutes and party girls are featured at both work and play in over 90 revealing black & white photographs.

TOKYO SEX UNDERGROUND is a poignant and provocative collection of Slocombe's images, forming one of the most fascinating glimpses of Japanese erotic culture ever provided by a European 'outsider'. WARNING! Contains ADULT Material.

Creation Books          $22.95          95 pgs.          ppbk.          Illustrated

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by Marqius de Sade

Classic erotica. A young virgin is schooled in evil. Indoctrinated by her amoral tutors in the ways of sexual perversion, fornication, murder, incest and atheism which culminates with the flagellation and torture of her own mother.

Creation Books(trade paper) $12.95 156 pgs.

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by Yoryis Yatromanlakis

Eroticon contains most wondrous accounts concerning the nature of the sexual parts and vulva. Concerning erotic positions, discourses and reveries. Above all how each may endure the sorrow of separation by love potions and filters, also by incantations of a most practical kind.

Creation Books $13.99 195 pgs.

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By James Havoc

Premature Ejaculations 1989-99 - Extreme word terror and other uncensored writings; the complete works of James Havoc, literary 'madman.'

"Havoc has singlehandedly brought sadism/cruelty/pornography into the new millennium. Unmissable." - Jack Sargeant

James Havoc is the author of two novellas: RAISM (1989) and WHITE SKULL (1996), and the collection of short stories, SATANSKIN (1992). Short pieces have also appeared in the H.P. Lovecraft tribute THE STARRY WISDOM (1994) and the anthologies RED STAINS (1992) and DUST (1996). In addition to these published pieces Havoc is also the author of an aborted children's book provisionally entitled GINGERWORLD (included are fragments). Havoc's stories have explored the psychological netherworlds of Gilles de Rais, and the twenty stories from SATANSKIN dance through a landscape of dystopian psychotropia; according to Havoc these stories emerged "through beer, ecstasy and cocaine abuse." WHITE SKULL is based loosely on the mythology of Captain Mission, the French pirate who led his men in the revolt against all forms of government.

As of this writing James Havoc remains missing, feared dead - or, at the very least, terminally deranged. He disappeared after an eleven- day Asahi beer drinking binge in the Kabukicho district of Shinjuku, Tokyo, December 31st 1999.

Creation Books $19.95 202 pgs. Illustrated

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By Pan Pantziarka

When a young streetwalker is picked up by an enigmatic older woman, she finds herself launched on an odyssey of pleasure and pain beyond measure.

Lost in a night world, thrown to the lusts of her unknown captors, she must submit to their increasingly bizarre rituals of pain and degradation in order to embrace salvation.

HOUSE OF PAIN is scorched earth erotica, an unprecedented glimpse of living Hell, the torments and raptures of a young woman abandoned to the throes of rage, violence and cruelty which feed the sexual impulse.

Velvet Publications $12.95 152 pgs. Fiction Erotica

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By Pierre Louys

A mother and her three daughters... sharing their inexhaustible sexual favours between the same young man, each other and anyone else who enters their web of depravity.

From a chance encounter on the stairway with a voluptuous young girl, the narrator is drawn to become the plaything of four rapacious females, experiencing them all in various combinations of increasingly wild debauchery, until they one day vanish as mysteriously as they had appeared.

A study of sexual obsession and monomania unsurpassed in its depictions of carnal excess, unbridled lust and limitless perversity.

Velvet/Creation Books $12.95 174 pgs. Fiction Erotica

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By Jeremy Reed

The story of Leanda, mistress of an opulent chateau where she tirelessly indulges her compulsion for sexual extremes, entertaining retinues of deviants, transsexuals and freaks in pursuit of the ultimate erotic experience. When a dark stranger calls, schooling her in the ways of his bizarre cult, she is finally transported to a zone where sex transcends death itself, and existence becomes a never-ending orgy of the senses.

In the decadent and erotic tradition of De Sade, Sacher-Masoch and Apollinaire, THE PLEASURE CHATEAU is a tour-de-force of perverse sexual delights; a midnight excursion through the labyrinth of a young girl's most secret desires. A master- piece of gothic erotica.

Velvet/Creation Books $12.95 153 pgs. Fiction Erotica

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By Guillaume Apollinaire

Two Erotic Novellas

The debauched aristocrat Mony Vibescu and a circle of fellow sybarites blaze a trail of uncontrollable lust, cruelty and depravity across the streets of Europe.

A young man reminisces his sexual awakening at the hands of his aunt, his sister and their friends as he is corrupted in a season of carnal excess.

FLESH UNLIMITED is a compendium edition of LES ONZE MILLE VERGES and LES MEMORIRES D' UN JEUNE DON JUAN, two of the finest examples of wild literary erotica ever produced. Dadaist poet Guillaume Apolliaire fine- tuned his uniquely poetic and surreal vision to produce these two masterpieces of explicit erotic imagination, works which compare with the best of the Marquis de Sade.

Velvet/Creation Books $12.95 161 pgs. Fiction Erotica

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