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Sensory Depravation


By Robert Short

Dali, Bunuel & Artaud

Surrealist Cinema, as epitomised by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel's UN CHIEN ANDALOU and L'AGE D'OR, was a knife through the very heart of the establishment; a scorpionic, scatological black joke galvanized by the irrational, the uncanny and the spectre of de Sade.

THE AGE OF GOLD revisits these two seminal films, the process of collaborative psychic automatism which led to their creation, and the scandal and riots caused by their themes of sex, mutilation, sadism, murder and excremental mania.

THE AGE OF GOLD also documents the experimental cinematic theories of Antonin Artaud, founder of the revolutionary Theatre of Cruelty; traces the precursors and parallels of Surrealist cinema in avante-garde and Dadaist film, including the work of Hans Richter, Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray; and notes the film legacy of the movement in subsequent decades.

THE AGE OF GOLD is illustrated by a host of striking images, and clearly shows how Surrealist film finally erupted from the throes of both pulp and experimental cinema as well as from the art, texts and manifestos of the Surrealist Movement itself.

Creation Books           $18.00           188 pgs.           ppbk.           Many illustrations

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MOONCHILD: The Films of Kenneth Anger
Edited by Jack Hunter

Persistence of Vision Volume 1

Kenneth Anger: author of 'Hollywood Babylon,' true disciple of Aleister Crowley, former mentor to both Bobby Beausoleil and Mick Jagger, amongst others - and certainly one of the most original and talented film-makers of the 20th Century.

MOONCHILD presents revelatory texts on the occult, mind altering, ritual, homo-erotica, pop-culture and many other subjects found within such classic underground films as 'Fireworks,' 'Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome,' 'Scorpio Rising,' 'Invocation of My Demon Brother,' 'Lucifer Rising' and Kustom Kar Kommandos.'

The book also contains a host of opulent film images, quotes from Kenneth Anger, and a detailed filmography, making it a definitive study of one of cinema's most charismatic yet elusive innovators.

Creation Books           $17.95           128 pgs.           ppbk.           Illustrated

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ARCHIVING WARHOL: An Illustrated History
By Gerard Malanga

Gerard Malanga was chief assistant at Andy Warhol's legendary Factory in New York from 1963 to 1970. He has been described as "Warhol's most important associate" by the New York Times.

As well as helping Warhol produce many works of art, Malanga was also featured in several Warhol movies - and even appeared onstage with the early Velvet Underground. He has been published widely as a poet and photographer.

This book is a collection of Gerard Malanga's many writings on, and interviews with, Andy Warhol over the years. It is heavily illustrated with pictures from Malanga's extensive photographic archive of Warhol and the Factory, including many shots published here for the first time. An invaluable document of the Warhol 60's, one of the most crucial and innovative periods in modern art.

Creation Books           $19.95           170 pgs.           ppbk.           Illustrated

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Edited by Adam Parfrey

Forget those other apocalyptic prophesies - here are the current real apocalyptic documents.

This book breaks the editor's arrogant promise that no sequel edition would ever appear. Herein find over 62 new articles and 200 photos and illustrations delineating the FORBIDDEN ZONE, the psychic maelstrom that everyone knows exists but fearfully avoids.

With contributions by: Adam Parfrey, Michael Moynihan, Peter Sotos, George Petros, David Woodard, Colin Wilson, Trevor Brown, Kadmon, Boyd Rice, Irv Rubin, Issei Sagawa, James Shelby Downard, Jim Goad, Chad Hensley and many others.

Feral House          $18.95          458 pgs.          Illustrated


Edited by Adam Parfrey

This book is a startling, absorbing and exhaustive tour through the nether regions of today's psychotic brainscape.

Feral House          $14.95          362 pgs.          Illustrated


Think of the Self Speaking / Harry Smith - Selected Interviews
Edited by Rani Singh

Open this collection and read about one of the most unusual minds of this or any other age as he holds forth on a variety of subjects. Here you will find the flavor and texture of Harry Smith's conversation, his rambling, obscure, luminous, cantankerous genius. These interviews cover a quarter century and touch on the full range of Smith's activity as groundbreaking experimental filmmaker, obsessive collector, folk music anthologist, visionary painter, student of native American lore, anthropologist, cosmographer, alchemist, hermetic scholar, occultist and classic American eccentric.

Elbow/Cityful Press          $16.95          186 pgs.


Crass Art and Other Post-Modernist Monsters
The Art of Gee Vaucher

A collection of paintings, collages & drawings etc... Through Gee Vaucher's collected work in this book, we can witness the brave journey she has traveled as artist and activist. Through magazines, newspapers and especially through Crass (the band) her work entered the world not through the gallery - but as part of a voice that is connected to other voices who have said 'NO'! to the great lie of the mass media!!!

A K Press          $24.95          101pgs.         Illustrated


Word Virus - The William S. Burroughs Reader
Edited by James Grauerholz & Ira Silverberg

Word Virus follows major themes in the Burroughs oeuvre, through Naked Lunch and the cut-up novels to Cities of the Red Night and the Cat Inside. Edited and complimented by Grauerholz's illuminating biographical essays. Word Virus places the work in context of the life - for scholars and general readers alike.

Grove Press          $16.00          530 pgs.


Last Words / The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs
Edited & Introduction by James Grauerholz

Last Words: The most intimate work Burroughs ever wrote. Culled from journal entries of the last nine months of his life, it spans the realms of cultural criticism, personal memoir, and fiction.

Classic Burroughs concerns - rants on U. S. drug policy, contempt for the state of the human race, his love for his cats - permeate the book. He breaks into classic "routines" and provides frequent commentary on whatever he is reading - from high literature to low-brow thrillers. The "Old Man" emerges as frequently comical, sometimes meditative, always engaged - a commentator on the state of the world and the self.

Grove Press          $25.00          273 pgs. Hardcover


Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician
By Alfred Jarry

"Pataphysics...is the science of that which is super-induced upon metaphysics, whether within or beyond the latter's limitations..... Pataphysics will be, above all, the science of the particular, despite the common opinion that the only science is that of the general. Pataphysics will examine the laws governing exceptions, and will explain the universe supplementary to this one...Pataphysics is the science of imaginary solutions..." Alfred Jarry

Exact Change          $13.95          139 pgs.


Edited by George Bataille

Comprising the Critical Dictionary & Related Texts and the Encyclopedia De Costa

The ideas of George Bataille (1867-1962) are being increasingly recognized as offering vital insights into whole areas of human existence, and over the last few years most of his important theoretical and fictional texts have appeared in English. Yet Bataille's thought is complex, and his books make few concessions to the reader. The first series of texts here, however, were written for a wider audience by Bataille and his friends, in the form of a dictionary, and they provide a witty, poetic and concise introduction to his ideas.

The Critical Dictionary appeared in the magazine edited by Bataille, Documents. The second set of texts, the Da Costa Encyclopedique was published anonymously after the liberation of Paris in 1947 by members of the Acephale group and writers associated with the Surrealists. Both cover the essential concepts of Bataille and his associates: sacred sociology, scatology, death and the erotic, base materialism, the aesthetics of the formless, sacrifice, the festival and politics of tumult etc, a new description of the limits of being human. Humor albeit sardonic, is not absent from these remarkable re-definitions of the most hetrogeneous objects or ideas: Camel, Church, Dust, Museum, Spittle Skyscraper, Threshold, Work - to name but a few.

The Documents group was celebrated for joining together artists, authors, sociologists and ethnologists in a literary and philosophical project. The Acephale group was more mysterious, even its membership is only vaguely known, and its activities remain secret. The origins of the Da Costa only became known in 1993, the present volume reveals for the first time its principal compilers: Robert Lebel, Isabelle Waldberg and Marcel Duchamp, even so, the identity of the authors of a large part of it remain unknown.

Atlas Press $19.99 172 pgs. Illustrated

By George Bataille

This book is the culmination of George Bataille's inquiries into the relationship between violence and the sacred. Taking up such figures as Gilles de Rais, Erzebet Bathory, the Marquis de Sade, El Greco, Gustave Moreau, Andre Breton and Voodoo practitioners, Bataille reveals their common obsession: Death.

This essay, illustrated with artworks from every era, was developed out of the ideas explored in several of Batailles other books. In it he examines death - the "little death" that follows sexual climax, the proximate death in sadomasochistic practices and death as part of religious ritual and sacrifice.

City Lights Books $15.95 213 pgs. Illustrated

By Andre Breton

This is the first publication in English of the anthology that contains Breton's definitive statement on black humor, one of the seminal concepts of Surrealism, and his provocative assessments of the writers he most admired. While some of the authors featured are already well-known to American readers - Swift, Kafka, Rimbaud, Poe, Lewis Carroll and Baudelaire among them, many others are sure to come as a revelation.

The entries range from the acerbic aphorisms of Swift and Duchamp to the theatrical slapstick of Christian Dietrich Grabbe, from the wry missives of Rimbaud to the manic paranoia of Dali, from the ferocious iconoclasm of Alfred Jarry to the off-hand hilarity of Apollinaire. For each of the forty-five authors included, Breton has provided a biographical and critical preface, situating the writer and the work in the context of black humor - a partly macabre, partly ironic and often absurd turn of spirit that Breton defined as "a superior revolt of the mind."

City Lights Books $18.95 356 pgs.

By William S. Burroughs

Trenchant writings by the sardonic "hombre invisible," William S. Burroughs, perpetrator of NAKED LUNCH and other shockers. These malefic and beatific, mordant and hilarious straight-faced reports on life are mostly from scattershot publications in obscure places, foreign and domestic. This collection delineates Burroughs' comprehensive world-view and his sense of America's underside.

City Lights Books $12.95 227 pgs. Illustrated

By Barry Miles

William S. Burroughs, described by Norman Mailer as "the only living American novelist who may conceivably be possessed of genius." This unique underground visionary has lived up to these words. His bestseller NAKED LUNCH, which sparked a precedent-setting obscenity trial, was hailed by NEWSWEEK as a masterpiece. His life, perhaps more than his work, is the stuff of legend: He became infamous for the bizarre, accidental shooting of his wife and for the explicit sexual nature of his writings. Miles explores Burroughs' true cultural significance. Neither traditional biography nor academic study, the book is an introduction to Burroughs through his life and writing.

Hyperion Books $12.95 263 pgs. Illustrated


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