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Edited by James DiEugenio and Lisa Pease
Introduction by Judge Joe Brown

When informed by the movie JFK that thousands of documents about the president's murder remained sealed, a distressed American public motivated Congress to create the Assassinations Records Review Board, which declassified and released many - but not all - previously withheld files. A journal named PROBE was created to report on and consider this cascade of new material, as well as continuing disinformation, regarding the assassinations of president John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and Malcolm X.

THE ASSASSINATIONS presents some of PROBE'S most fascinating articles, in addition to material written after the well-regarded journal ceased publication. (PROBE website: www.webcom.com/ctka/index.html continues to post new info.)

"Their book (Lisa Pease & James DiEugenio) is a must read to understand how these leaders were systematically eliminated. It is a unique volume in the literature on this subject." -- William Turner, Former FBI agent and co-author of DEADLY SECRETS

"If you can handle the truth, read this book." -- Governor Jessie Ventura

Feral House           $24.00           677 pgs.           ppbk.           Few illustrations

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EXTREME ISLAM: Anti-American Propaganda of Muslim Fundamentalism  
Edited By Adam Parfrey

Remarkable interviews, essays, fatwas, political cartoons, propaganda posters, poems and stories are collected to confront the reader with important and rarely seen perspectives of a movement that opposes almost everything considered Holy by America and Western civilization.

Explosive as the views it presents, EXTREME ISLAM cuts to the chase, and allows the major voices of orthodox Islamic current to speak for themselves as to why ALLAH should annihilate "The Great Satan" (America).

Feral House           $16.00           328 pgs.           pbk.           Illustrated

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THE SECRET KING: Karl Maria Wiligut - Himmler's Lord of the Runes
Translated by Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D. and edited by Michael Moynihan

There is much speculation about the 'occult roots' of National Socialism, yet very little concrete documentation has ever been uncovered. Of the materials that do exist, almost nothing has been translated into English - until now!

This book, ten years in the making, contains the collected occult writings of Karl Maria Wiligut, runic initiate and shadowy 'Secret King' of Germany. His works were originally published in rare ariosophical journals. Himmler the leader of the SS, commissioned Wiligut to write private reports on Runes, secret Germanic traditions and prehistory. Wiligut was to become known as 'Himmler's Rasputin.'

Translated by Germanic history expert Dr. Stephen E. Flowers, these writings are a glimpse into the strange magical world of high-ranking officials of the most notorious political state of the 20th century. For anyone with an interest in the role occultism played in the Third Reich - here is the evidence, never before made available to the English-speaking world!

Dominion/Runa-Raven Books           $18.00           155 pgs.           pbk.           Illustrated


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ERIK JAN HANUSSEN: Hitler's Jewish Clairvoyant
By Mel Gordon

Erik Jan Hanussen a.k.a. Herschmann Chaim Steinschneider, was known as 'Hitler's Nostradamus' and the 'Prophet of the Third Reich.' In the early 1930's, Hanussen founded a tabloid publishing empire that blended occult belief with radical politics. In 1932, he predicted that Hitler would soon rule Germany as dictator.

Hanussen's relationship with the National Socialists soon ended when German Communist journalists revealed the clairvoyant's Jewish origins. He was murdered in April, 1933. This is the first English biography on the Houdini-like seer that dazzled Central Europe in the 1920's and early 30's. Included are over twenty documents and material from Hanussen's own tabloid publications.

Feral House           $24.95           269 pgs.           hrdbk.           Illustrated

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The Turner Diaries
By Andrew Macdonald

This book contains racist propaganda. The FBI said it was the blueprint for the Oklahoma City Bombing. Many would like it banned. It is a novel about racism, and people taking matters into their own hands.

Nobody needs a First Amendment for innocuous ideas or popular points of view. That's point one. Point two is that the majority - you and I - must always protect the right of the minority - even a minority of one - to express the most outrageous and offensive ideas. Only then is total FREEDOM OF SPEECH guaranteed.

The author, a former university professor, started to write some fiction in 1975. He finished in 1978. What he wrote, expressed his view of what he believed the world would be like in decades to come. He had written a book-length novel. The Turner Diaries is that book. It quickly became an underground best-seller, selling more than 185,000 copies. Many more have been sold since. Get it now before it is banned completely!

Barricade Books $12.00 211 pgs.

The Protocols of Zion
Translated by Victor E. Marsden

Does a definite Jewish world program exist? Has it ever existed? Claims to be the transcript of an actual meeting, sometime in the 19th century, of Jewish "Elders" who plan a huge conspiracy of world dominance. Used widely before the Russian Revolution by Czarists to prove that Masons, liberals, Bolsheviks and Catholics were all dupes of the Jews.

Noontide Press $14.95 299 pgs.

The International Jew
By Henry Ford Sr.

A hard hitting, easy to read introduction to what the renowned American auto maker and industrialist called "the world's foremost problem." This influential and much discussed collection of essays, is an eye opening survey of the enduringly vexing "Jewish question." Originally appearing in 1920- 22.

Noontide Press $14.95 225 pgs.


Best Witness
By Michael Collins Piper

The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism

Cutting through veritable mountains of misinformation and silence, this is the book that describes the little-known trial of Mel Mermelstein vs. the Institute for Historical Review and Liberty Lobby.

Working from a six-foot pile of sworn depositions, court filings and trial records, the author confronts the most untouchable issue of our day, the "Holocaust" of six million Jews by the Nazis.

Neither the author, nor the IHR nor the Liberty Lobby denies the "Holocaust." But they know - as do all criminal investigators - that the truth is in the details. To get to the truth of the holocaust, allegedly the greatest crime in history, the details have to be known.

This book will be a revelation to some and a bitter pill to many who have forgotten that in America those who debunk sacred cows have rights as well as those who worship them. This is a "Burned Book" that was never to see the light of day.

Institute of Historical Review $20.00 246 pgs.


Amendment to the Constitution
By James O. Pace

Averting the Decline and Fall of America

When the fate of a nation and a people is imperiled from within its own ranks, and from aliens who have joined its ranks, and when within the space of one or two generations, the society established by our forefathers has been driven from its frame, the guardians of that nation must take action to defend their people from their own destructive elements and repair their defects, or be held responsible for their inaction. America is such a nation.

Johnson, Pace, Simmons & Fennel Publishers $20.00 178 pgs.


Into the Darkness
By Lothrop Stoddard

North American Newspaper Alliance reporter Lothrop Stoddard visited Germany in 1939, soon after Germany had gone to war with Poland, England and France. After traveling widely in blacked-out Germany, talking to Germans from Hitler and Himmler to taxi drivers and chambermaids, Stoddard returned to America to write this unique report on the Third Reich as it actually was, not as its admirers or its detractors might have wished it. Stoddard's objectivity, coupled with his intimate knowledge of the country and sympathy for its people, make this a classic account of National Socialist Germany.

Noontide Press $13.95 311 pgs.


Hammer of the Gods
By Friedrich Nietzsche
Compiled, translated and edited by Stephen Metcalf

Hammer of the Gods presents Nietzsche's most prophetic, futuristic and apocalyptic philosophies and traces them against the upheavals of the last century and the current millennial panic.

Nietzsche is the only guide to the madness in our society which he himself prophesied a century ago.

Nietzsche as a philosopher against society, against both the state and the herd. Nietzsche as philosopher with a hammer!

Creation Books $14.95 235 pgs.


The Aryan Christ
By Richard Noll

The Secret Life of Carl Jung

In this controversial and impeccably researched biography, Richard Noll reveals Jung as the all-to-human man he really was, a genius who, believing he was a spiritual prophet, founded a neo-pagan religious movement that offered mysteries for a new age.

The Aryan Christ is the previously untold story of Jung's life from birth, through his career as a famous psychiatrist and his relationship and break with his mentor Freud, and on to his years as an early supporter of the Third Reich in the 1930s.

Richard Noll traces the influence on Jung's ideas of the occultism, mysticism, and racism of nineteenth-century German culture, demonstrating how his idealization of "primitive man" has at its roots the Volkish movement of his day, which championed a vision of idyllic pre-Christian, Aryan past.

Random House $25.00 334 pgs. Illustrated Hardcover


By Elizabeth Wheaton

The 1979 Greensboro Killings

On November 3, 1979, in a Greensboro, North Carolina housing project gunfire erupted when a group of Klansmen and Nazis confronted a Communist-sponsored anti-Klan demonstration. Eighty-eight terror filled seconds later, four demonstrators were dead, one was dying, and nine others were wounded. All of the dead were members of the Communist Workers Party (CWP).

The gunmen were arrested. The FBI stepped in to assist local police and began a federal investigation of its own - its filename was GREENKIL. Slightly more than a year later, all the Klan and Nazi defendants were found not guilty of all charges, acquitted by an all- white jury. The widows and survivors, convinced that civil officials had joined with Klansman and Nazis to arrange both the killings and acquittals, cried conspiracy.

University of Georgia Press $25.00 328 pgs. Illus. Hardcover


British Edda
By L. A. Waddell

Reconstructed & Literally Translated

The great epic poem of the ancient Britons on the exploits of King Thor, Adam or Arthur and his Knights in establishing civilization, reforming Eden and capturing the Holy Grail. Reconstructed for the first time from medieval manuscripts by Babylonian, Hittite, Egyptian, Trojan and Gothic keys and translated literally into English.

Thus the British Edda supplies the copingstone to the great organic and fully documented body of proofs, that demonstrate the identity of the Sumerians with the early Aryans or Goths, the ancestors of the early Britons and Anglo-Saxons.

With 30 plates & 162 illustrations of scenes from Sumerian, British and other Ancient monuments, maps, notes and glossary.

Christian Book Club $25.00 331 pgs. Illustrated Hardcover


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